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ubytovani lipno
ubytovani lipno
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Where for a trip?

Český Krumlov - the State Castle of Český Krumlov, with its architectural standard, cultural tradition, and the area, ranks among the most important historic sights in the central European region. In addition to the castle, Český Krumlov offers other cultural valuables, such as a revolving auditorium, wax museum, and the Egon Schiele Art Centre. The town of Český Krumlov was included in the UNESCO´s List of World Cultural and Natural Heritage.

Lipno nad Vltavou - in the summer months, this tourist centre offers the Aquaworld – a pool with a sauna. In the town, there is a rental and shop with sports equipment – bicycles, surfboards, pedal boats, rowing boats and other equipment for water sports. In the winter months, the ski resort Kramolín is opened. A car park is located at a cableway; day and night skiing, 5 downhill runs, 5 ski lifts, maintained cross-country ski tracks. Children can visit bobsleigh tracks at Lipno, and Foxpark – they will certainly not get bored there.

Rožmberk is located in the picturesque valley of Vltava, 10 km from the borderline with Austria, and 25 km from Český Krumlov. Unviolated countryside, beautiful passage of the course of river Vltava, and the historical background of the municipality are big attractions for tourists all over the world. Natural Park Dolní Jílovice, with remains of beech-fir natural forest, is located nearby.

Town of Vyšší Brod is certainly worth visiting. You should not omit the Vyšší Brod monastery, monastery library, which contains over 70,000 books, postal museum as well as the natural monuments Čertova stěna and Luč.

The romantic castle Hluboká with haunted battlement and various turrets is located above the Vltava river, near České Budějovice. There is a ZOO near the castle, which is especially attractive for children.

České Budějovice - a large regional town with a unique square and Černá věž, which offers a view of the town vicinity as well as the castle Hluboká, and controversial Temelín. This town offers satisfactory cultural, sports and art facilities. You can find here e.g. a multiplex cinema, swimming pool, South-Bohemia theatre and many interesting places.

Vltava - a wonderful river meandering through the Šumava forests. All along the river, there are camps and tens of restaurants and snack-bars. View of Český Krumlov from the river surface is a unique experience. The starting point for rafting is either Soumarský most in the upper part of the river, or Vyšší Brod just below Lipno.

Schwarzenberg navigation canal the biggest Šumava technical monument. It begins near a memorial, on the Rosenauer tank, which unfortunately has a broken dam today. It falls in the Große Mühl river in Austria and thus connects the river basins of Vltava and Danube. Originally, the canal was intended for block-wood floating from inaccessible places in Šumava to Vienna. The length of the very canal is 44 km. It is supplied from 27 streams, 3 tanks and Plešné jezero.

Plešné lake lies on the slope of Plechý mountain ( 1,378 m), 1,089 m above sea level, approx. 17 km southwards from Volary. It has a glacial origin. A monument to the memory of the writer Adalbert Stifter stands on the cliff above the lake. The sea of stones with huge granite boulders can be found near the northern edge of the lake.

Hiking and cycling – in spring, summer and autumn, the Lipno region offers the network of marked tourist paths in the protected landscape area of Šumava for lovers of hiking and beautiful countryside. Mushrooming and visits to natural monuments belong to the most popular activities. For cycling, the Lipno region offers very favourable conditions. Many marked cycling tracks and tourist paths will lead you to the best sights and monuments in the area.

Historical steam train – runs regularly in July and August from the Černá v Pošumaví stop, and then through Horní Planá, Nová Pec, Černý Kříž to Nové Údolí. The train runs from Friday 5 July, each Saturday and Sunday, till Saturday 1 September. Departure from Stožec at 11.20 am; departure from Černá v Pošumaví at 3.40 pm. Tickets can be bought from the train operators directly in the railway station in Horní Planá.

Lipno by boat – the whispering of dark forests, horses feeding on the crests of hills, camp fires at the shore. Discover the natural beauty of Šumava and Lipenské jezero from the deck. Cruisers depart from the dock Lipno nad Vltavou. During the short or long cruise, you can hear also many interesting facts about the lake and its distinctive features. In July and August, you can order evening cruises with music and dance.