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Autocamp Jenišov
382 26, Horní Planá

tel.: +420 380 738 156
mobil.: +420 777 293 473, +420 603 293 473
email: hajny.pa@seznam.cz


If you dream about peaceful family holidays and the Lipno Dam is your destination, then the Jenišov Camp is the right choice for you. Our camp is located about 1.5 km away from Horní Planá in the direction of Černá v Pošumaví, right at the lakefront of Lipno.

Why to choose Lipno and the Jenišov Camp?
• Clean nature of the Šumava protected landscape area
• Strategic location on the south-facing slope
• Fully reconstructed camp at the lakefront of Lipno
• Swimming, sunbathing, surfing and yachting on the water body of 4870 ha 
• High density of bike trails of the Šumava  National Park
• We ensure quite hours during night and protect our visitors
• The Camp offers a general grocery store and fresh pastry every day

Who are our satisfied guests?
• We are mostly visited by families with children looking for a clean and quite place to stay 
• We’ll be happy to host school field trips or prom / school year-end celebrations
• Clean water and beautiful nature is here for fishermen and mushroom pickers
• All who wish to spendactive butpeacefuland nice holidays in a camp at the lakefront of Lipno

The Jenišov Camp at Lipno offers a wide choice of sports for children as well as adults. We’ll be glad to give you advice where to go for a trip or walk.

The receptionis open daily 9 am -12 am 1 pm -8 pm