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Autocamp Jenišov
382 26, Horní Planá

tel.: +420 380 738 156
mobil.: +420 777 293 473, +420 603 293 473
email: hajny.pa@seznam.cz

Cycling Tourism

People don’t visit Lipno only for swimming and sunbathing. The Jenišov Camp is an excellent starting point for bike lovers. You can find a number of attractivebike trails in the surroundings of the Jenišov Camp of which the best known are:

  • Svatotomášským pohořím (Across the St. Thomas Highlands)
  • Po stopách Adalberta Stiftera (In the footsteps of Adalbert Stifter)
  • Rakouská (Austrian)
  • Vltavským kaňonem (Through the Vltava Canyon)
  • Jezerní Krumlovská (Lake Krumlov)
  • Schwarzenberská cesta (Schwarzenberg Route)

Passionate bikers will not only be impressed by riding through the Czech countryside, but even by the connection of the Lipno Lake surroundings with the Upper Austria on both left and right side by three border crossings. Both sides of the Lake are connected by regular ferries. From a plenitude of bike trails, you can easily plan the right one for yourselves.

If you don’t manage to plan a trip yourself, we’ll be happy to give you advice what sites you could enjoy the most. There is a bike rental not far away from the Camp that we can strongly recommend.

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