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Autocamp Jenišov
382 26, Horní Planá

tel.: +420 380 738 156
mobil.: +420 777 293 473, +420 603 293 473
email: hajny.pa@seznam.cz

Water Sports

Lipno offers a wide variety of water sports thanks to good weather conditions and its large water body. The Jenišov Camp is thus attractive not only for swimmers, but even for:

• Yachters

• Windsurfers

• Fans of all kinds of boats–row boats, motor boats, sailboats, trimarans and catamarans

If you don’t have the necessary licence, you can rent a small sailboat or a catamaran where you don’t need a licence. And should you wish to obtain a licence, we’ll advise you where you can take a course and tests at Lipno.

Or,  you may be interested in a cruise around the Lipno Lake bysteamer. Or, you can just be sunbathing with your family or friends while riding a foot pedal on Lipno that you can rent in our camp.

And perhaps, if you are not yet so much excited about water, there is a grassy as well as sandy beach available in the Jenišov Camp where you can wet your feet just ankle-deep in the water.

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